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Frequently Asked Questions at The Clubhouse Indoor Golf

Where are you located?
– We are located at 2510 W Farmington Rd in West Peoria, IL on the second floor of The Country Club BBQ restaurant and bar.

How do I pay?
– After making a tee time, preferably online, you will want to check in at the main bar when you arrive. Please hand the bartender or server a credit card to hold your spot. When the simulators are available, you may head upstairs, and start your golf experience.

Can I buy a gift card?
– Yes, you can purchase a gift card in person or buy a gift card online by clicking here. Its a good idea to purchase a gift card in increments of $40. You can send the gift card via phone or email to the person of your choosing.

Can I bring my own clubs?
– Yes, we encourage you to bring your own clubs. Please make sure they are clean before using the simulators.

Do you have rental clubs?
– Yes! There is a big bag of “slightly” used clubs that you are welcome to use. Condition and number of clubs will vary based on time of year.

Can I used my own golf balls?
– We prefer you use the golf balls that we provide. They are similar to a near premium ball and have markings that link up with the simulator to provide an accurate description of each shot. If you must use your own balls, please make sure they are completely clean and have no markings. The dirt and markings will come off on the screen.

Do I need to arrive early?
– Yes, please arrive about 10-15 minutes ahead of your time. This will allow our staff to assist you in starting on time. This will also allow you maximum time to play the simulator if there is a tee time after you.

Is there an age restriction to play?
– From 9am-9pm daily there is no age restriction and both kids and adults are welcome to play. At 9pm, per West Peoria law, all players must be 21 and older.

How does the pricing work?
– Our pricing is PER HOUR for each simulator. That means you can come by yourself or bring as many friends as you want and you get to split the cost.

Can I rent more than one simulator?
– Yes, you may rent both simulators at the same time. For example, if you have 4 players and only 2 hours to play, you SHOULD rent both simulators. 2 players on each simulator instead of 4 players on 1 simulator. You will finish in less than half the time and can split the cost per simulator. It costs the same to rent 2 simulators for 2 hours as it would to rent 1 simulator for 4 hours.

Do I need golf shoes?
– We prefer you to wear regular shoes. You may wear golf shoes but please make sure they are clean.

Can I bring my own alcohol and food?
– No, we are a full service bar/restaurant and have plenty of food and beverages for kids and adults of all ages. Servers and bartenders are more than welcome to bring your food and drinks upstairs for you. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN ALCOHOL OR FOOD.

Can my friends come and watch?
– Yes, we have plenty of seating around the simulators for people to sit at tables or stand and watch.

Is there a driving range?
– Yes, in the simulator there are multiple different range settings. Waterfalls, mountains, and tropical are all different settings. Its a good idea to warm up with a few swings on the range before you start playing your round.

Do I have to play a full 18 holes?
– You may play any number of holes for your allotted time. Usually it should take 1 person less than an hour to play 18 holes. 4 people will take about 4 hours to play a full 18 holes. If you book both simulators, you can play in half the time.

Can I just come and practice on the range?
– Yes, golf simulators can tell you everything you want to know about your ball flight and swing. Many professionals and amateurs prefer to use the simulators to practice their swing because the information is so precise. If you decide to play a few holes, just ask one of our staff to change the settings to a round of golf.

Why is the simulator broken? I hit all of my drives 310 yards.
– The simulator is not broken. Its showing how far you ACTUALLY hit the ball within 1%. You should probably get lessons and/or new clubs. Please contact one of our staff professionals for lessons so you can get closer to hitting those 310 yard drives.

How far in advance can I book a tee time?
– Just like a golf course we would prefer you book 7 days in advance or less. However, if you would like to book a party, golf lesson, club fitting, or have more than 10 people coming to play, you are more than welcome to book at any time. Please make sure to call 309-424-6802 for any special requests. To book tee times we prefer you book online through our scheduler. Click here to book online!

What is your cancellation policy?
– Please contact us at least 1 day before your tee time to cancel your reservation via email ( During Winter months, players will be invoiced for no call/no show tee times.